Aims and Functions

I. The subject of activity of the Slovinski National Park:
 1.environmental protection that predominantly aims at:

  • maintenance of ecological processes and the stability of eco-systems,
  • maintenance of biological diversity,
  • maintenance of geological heritage,
  • assurance of the continuity of existence of plants and animal species with their habitats by maintaining or
  • restoring them in the proper numbers,
  • maintaining or restoring a proper number of natural habitats, as well as other natural resources and the
  • elements of nature, in particular: wildly existing plants and animals, natural habitats, habitats of protected
  • plants and animals species, animals leading migratory mode of life, plants and animals comprised with
  • protection on the basis of distinct regulations, inanimate nature, landscape,
  • creating proper attitude of human beings towards nature. 

2. rendering the SNP accessible to conduct multidirectional scientific research
3. rendering the SNP accessible for didactics and tourism
4. protection of legal, organisational, material, personal and technical principals of its functioning.

II. The range of the Park activities comprises, in particular:

  1. values protection in the scope of nature, science, history, didactics, culture, aesthetics-and-landscape, tourist, health and society on the terrain of the Park,
  2. versatile utilisation of the protected area according to the principal objectives of nature protection,
  3. conducting the observations of natural phenomena in the area excluded from administering human interference, in the area comprised with the activities intending to naturalise or maintain some nature elements in the proper condition,
  4. fighting against crime and transgression within the range of nature protection,
  5. conducting nature-forests and all-nature inventory works,
  6. rendering certain parts of the area of the SNP accessible for sightseeing and relatively to the needs, participation in the tourist movement as well as maintaining related equipment,
  7. conducting scientific, research, didactic and museum activities,
  8. conducting the monitoring of natural environment,
  9. popularisation of the objectives of nature protection and co-operation with the scientific institutes and schools of higher education in the matter of conducting research works on the terrain of SNP,
  10. joint-operation in the field of nature protection with the governmental administration units and territorial self-governments, units of special government administration, Police, State Fire Brigade, social organisations, national parks in Poland,
  11. foreign co-operation with the protected areas and the organisations of nature protection,
  12. supervision upon the operational entirety of the Auxiliary Farm by the SNP.

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