Environmental Protection

Areas comprised with strict protection

Klukowe BukiThe strict protection relies on the utter and permanent relinquishment of human being interference in the state of ecosystems, creations and nature elements as well as in the course of natural processes in the areas of this protection category. 
Within the borders of the Slovinski National Park, with the strict protection, there are comprised 12 areas with the elements of its peculiar flora and fauna, unique biocenosis or biotopes as well as landscape features. The Łebsko Spit constitutes the main protected object, which creates the complex of unique geomorphologic forms of beyond regional scale as well as the venue of natural rebuilding processes of the sea-side shore of a great dynamism. There occur here valuable woods assemblages, non-woods as well as water ecosystems. The total acreage of the protected areas numbers 5 928,93 hectares. Each of them has its proper name and determines the most significant protection object. 

"Bielice" area - 3,71 hectare, the protection of the specific soil development continuity - ferruginous - humus podsolic soil, P.D. Żarnowska
"Bory Torfowe (Peat Forests) area - 9,28 hectare, a fragment of a marshy coniferous forest on a highland peatbog, P.D. Żarnowska
"Dołgie Małe" area - 6,45 hectare, P.D. Rowy
"Gackie Lęgi" area - 521, 95 hectare, the protection of birds' breeding sites, P.D. Żarnowska and Wodny (Water)
"Gardnieńskie Lęgi" area - 450,23 hectare, the protection of birds' breeding sites, P.D. Rowy and Wodny (Water)
"Klukowe Buki" area - 76,40 hectare, an old relict beech-oak wood, P.D. Kluki
"Klukowe Lęgi" area - 835,21 hectare, the protection of birds' breeding sites, P.D. Kluki and Wodny (Water)
"Mierzeja" ("The Spit") area - 3471,01 hectare, the protection of moving dunes and other geomorphologic forms connected with the eolian processes, P.D. Rąbka, Smołdziński Las, Rowy
"Moroszka" area - 56,28 hectare, the protection of a cloudberry - a boreal-arctic species of relict significance, P.D. Kluki
"Olszyna" area - 19,18 hectare, a fragment of an alder swamp growing in the lowland peat-bog, P.D. Żarnowska
"Wyspa Kamienna" ("Stone Island") area - 0,16 hectare, P.D.Wodny (Water)
"Żarnowskie Lęgi" area - 479,07 hectare, the protection of birds' breeding sites, P.D. Żarnowska and Wodny (Water) 

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