History, Legal status

The appearance of the ordinance of the ministerial Cabinet of November 23rd, 1996 in the matter of foundation of the Slovinski National Park (Register of Acts No 42, entry 254) introduced considerable alterations in the map of a system of protected areas in Poland. On January 1st, 1967 there appeared the 11th domestic park, and concurrently, the second seaside National Park in Poland, after the Wolinski Park. The success of Polish environmental protection was supported by many-year-efforts of distinguished specialists in this field as well as provincial authorities'. On the basis of the executing act, the Minister of Forestry and Wood Industry enacted an order on December 10th, 1996 in the matter of determining the borders of the SNP and the limits binding on its terrain (MP No 66, item 317), predominantly defining:
a) the area of the Park, i.e. 18.069 hectares, as well as a detailed course of borders and the areas under protection,
b) the areas being under strict and partial protection,
c) director's manner of managing and the competences,
d) limits and prohibitions binding on the terrain of the Park.
Consecutive years brought the alteration of legal conditions of the functioning of the Slovinski National Park, for the first time together with the appearance of the nature preservation act of October 16th, 1991 (Register of Acts No 114, entry 492) and its amendments of 2002, and subsequently the act of nature preservation of April 16th, 2004 (Register of Acts No 92 entry 880). Published legal acts and executive regula-tions required certain activities from the management of the Park. Among them, the priority was to regulate the legal status of the grounds situated outside the territory of the park, in the course of the years, taken-over by the management of the SNP. These activities were also dictated by the obligations resulting from international law refer-ring to environmental protection.
The ordinance of the ministerial Cabinet of March 2nd, 2004 (Register of Acts No 43 entry 390) initiated the functioning of the SNP on the terrain of 32 744 hectares, in-cluding 21 572 hectares situated in the Pomeranian province in the land area and 11 171 hectares of coastal waters of the Baltic Sea. This is the shape that is close in space to originally set assumptions. This document also defined the borders of the Park's geographical lagging, which area makes 30 220 hectares.

Principal legal acts:
- The Act of April 16th, 2004 on environmental protection (Register of Acts 2004, No 92, Entry 880)
- The Ordinance of the Cabinet of March 2nd, 2004 in the matter of the Slovinski National Park (Register of Acts 2004, No 43, Entry 390).
- The Ordinance of the Ministry of Environment of July 21st 2004 in the matter of the areas of birds special protection Natura 2000 (Register of Acts 2004 r. No 229, Entry 2313)
Environmental protection is performed basing on 20 year-protection plan as well as annual assignments. There executes a counselling unit by the park director - Park Scientific Counsel, that consists of the individuals working in favour of environ-mental protection, representatives of science, practice, ecological organisations as well as territorially-adequate provincial governments and commune self-governments. The park is financed from the state budget and purpose funds.

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