Protection districts

To reassure an efficient protection of Park natural resources and simultaneously to create the conditions for the cognition of one of the most precious natural objects of Poland, the area of the Slovinski National Park has been divided into two precincts - water and land; in the area of land precincts, six protection areas have been defined whereas the water precincts have been divided into the protection districts of Gardno, Łebsko and the Baltic.
The employees of these organisational units directly effect the determined protec-tional treatments towards the species of plants and animals as well as their habitats caring for the constancy of the entrusted natural heritage.

The Name of the Protection District District Area The Office of the District Distance from the Head Office in kms
Land Precinct
   Rąbka    1 406,36    Rąbka    53
   Smołdziński Las    1 753,36    Smołdziński Las    7
   Rowy    1 80,41    Rowy    25
   Żarnowska    1 840,30    Gać    33
   Kluki    2 037,80    Kluki    12
   Smołdzino    1 774,53    Smołdzino    -
   Razem obręb    10 692,74      -
Water Precinct
   Gardno and Łebsko    10096,62    Smołdzino    -
   The Baltic    11171,14    Smołdzino    -

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