Rowokół watchtower – regulations for visitors

Regulation of the Rowokół watchtower visitors

  1. The watchtower is available for visitors from:
     - 1st May-30th June 10.00 - 16.00, 
     - 1st July-31st August 10.00 - 19.00, 
     - 1st-30th September 10.00 - 16.00.
  2. Entrance fees are collected for entering the watchtower.
  3. Tickets are not sold 15 minutes before closing.
  4. Purchase of a ticket means the approval of the present regulation.
  5. Max. 10 visitors in the watchtower at the same time. 
  6. Entrance for a scenic terrace requires climbing up 20,5 m by steep, 17-cm high steps.
  7. It is forbidden to: 
     - throw any objects from the watchtower,

- climb rails and lean out of rails, 
 - climb the tower’s facade,

  - damage equipment. 

  1. The watchtower is not available for visitors in case of unfavourable weather conditions:

  - thick fog and other factors reducing visibility from the tower,

  - rain and snowfalls, glazed frost or short after it – until the watchtower team finds entering the tower safe,

- storms and winds of velocity over 10 m/s,

- meteorological warning against storm.

  1. No visitors under the influence of alcohol, abusive substances or violating law and order shall enter the watchtower.
  2. Visitors suffering from space and motion discomfort, heart failures, locomotor organ disorders, and other which can result in accident are strongly recommended not to enter the tower.
  3. Organised groups only under supervision, one supervisor for max. 10 visitors, responsible for their subordinates for the whole time.

Supervisors hold sole responsibility for behaviour of their group.

  1. Visitors shall strictly observe all orders and instructions given the authorised tower warden.
  2. The Słowiński National Park does not hold any responsibility for injuries and other damages resulting from violation of the present regulation and non-observance of instructions given by the SNP warden.

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