Regulations for the visitors

1. The Park is open for tourists from dawn till dusk all year long.    
2. From 1 May to 30 September there is an entrance fee.    
3. There are extra fees charged to enter some areas of the Park.    
4. Tourists can visit the park using only tourist routes.    
5. Vehicles can use only public roads and marked parking places (except for authorized vehicles).    
6. On the area of the Park it is strictly forbidden to:
- deflect from tourist routs
- destroy plants and pick up undergrowth - does not apply to places designated by Director of the Park
- scare away, kill and capture animals
- pollute the area
- create a fire risk
- disturb the silence
- enter with dogs     
7. Camping is allowed only in specially designed and marked places.    
8. It is not allowed to enter the Park with dogs.    
9. Water sports, recreation and tourism is allowed only on specially designed waters, due to conditions specified by Director of the Park.    
10. Angling is allowed on specially designed waters of the Park after buying appropriate licence.    
11. Breaking the regulations will result in legal consequences.

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