Research regulations

on rendering the area of the Slovinski National Park accessible for scientific activity



Scientific activity on the terrain of the Slovinski National Park may take place exclusively with the permission of the Park Director.


2 Permissions are issued by the Science-Educational Studio of the SNP relying on the written application of the scientific institution on the attached application form of THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CARD. 

[download the form]

The application for research permission must include: 

• research topic at its full content,

• research methodological assumptions (for newly submitted topics only),

• personal data of the topic's author and the person's authorised to manage the works of scientific teams on the terrain of the Park,

• determining the date of effecting terrain works,

• determining the area, upon which the terrain activities will be performed in the SNP,

• determining the character and the amount of proving material expected to be received on the terrain of the Park along with the justification of the necessity of its reception. 


It is admissible to issue a permission on the basis of the application of a private individual possessing a scientific degree. The Park Director takes the decision in this matter each time.


The applications for permissions for conducting the research at the course of their continuity shall be deposited at the Park Director's Office, at least 2 weeks ahead. In the course of new research topics, as well as the occurrence of peculiar circumstances, the Park Council or an independent expert selected by the Park may direct the applications for the assessment. In this case, the period of permission fixing may be prolonged to 3 months.


The commencement of the research works may follow only after the receiving of the Director's permission by the applicant in the form of a standardised application form determining the conditions and the rules of effecting the research. The permission must be presented during the works in the terrain on each time demand of the Park Services. 


Not-complying with the conditions defined in the permission will effect the loss of its validity and may be the basis for the refusal of issuing further permissions for the one carrying out the research.


The conductors of the research topics who have received the permissions for research in a given calendar year are obliged to annual submission of a written information to the Director's Office of the SNP by the end of December of a given year regarding the research progress as well as the author's work off-prints connected with the topic 


In the course of PhD or Master papers, the authors of the work, having finished their thesis are obliged to free of charge submission of 1 copy of the paper or author's offprint of this work to the Library of the SNP if the work has been published.

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